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Mobile Marketing Strategy - Guaranteed Engagement! Custom, Scalable, easy to integrate, user friendly dashboard, own your data and use the in depth metrics and analytic reports to fine tune your programs!   Set up a Demo today! Fill out our Contact Form found at the top of the page to the right. Changing the face of mobile one businesses at a time! Engagement, Rewards, Customer Satisfaction Axiom is your Mobile Experience provider ! … [Read more...]

Matt O’ Keefe – Axiom Mobile Tech Sales Manager on NECN


Guest on "Money Matters" on NECN Matt O' Keefe the man behind The Plymouth Pass concept and Sales Manager for Axiom Mobile Technology was recently interviewed on the Money Matters TV Show on NECN. - Congratulations to Axiom, Matt and The Plymouth Pass - Looks like a Thanksgiving App Launch may be  happening! To find out how to get your business, product or service on The Plymouth Pass - CLICK HERE to contact them today! Mobile Marketing Strategy - Guaranteed … [Read more...]

Plymouth Pass Mobile Marketing!


Matt O' Keefe Axiom National Sales Manager- In the Following article from Wicked Local Matt O'Keefe talks about The Plymouth Pass, Axiom and the future of mobile marketing for businesses. Axiom Mobile Technology National Sales Director Matt O’Keefe has announced that his company will soon release a new application for Smartphones – The Plymouth Pass. The app will help businesses market themselves and cross-market among themselves more effectively. We asked O’Keefe about this new … [Read more...]

Does Your Business Understand Mobile Messaging?


Axiom Mobile Tech Mobile Marketing Strategy The following article can be found in its completion on Mobile Commerce Daily - CLICK HERE  When you are thinking about a mobile marketing strategy consider how quickly text messages are read.  When compared to an app the results are even more alarming.  Axiom recommends combining them for maximum impact! A report has found that 86 percent of businesses were not aware of the high response rates of SMS and, similarly, 75 percent of … [Read more...]

Plymouth Pass – Let’s Discover Plymouth!


Axiom Mobile Marketing Strategy Axiom Mobile Tech developing Plymouth Pass Mobile App America’s Hometown readying to release Mobile Loyalty Program “Let’s Discover Plymouth” June 2012 – Axiom Mobile Tech has secured the funding to develop a mobile loyalty program for Plymouth MA. The mobile app will be all encompassing and allow local businesses access to a robust and comprehensive suite of mobile marketing and advertising features they may not be able to afford on their own. … [Read more...]

Mobile Ordering – Papa John’s + Pandora = Buffalo Chicken Pizza!

Axiom Mobile Ordering

Axiom = Mobile Ordering Simplicity! Papa John's see the value of offering customers every option to order from their menu. Taking a slice out of the mobile marketing strategy handbook and have delivered a mobile experience to drive engagements!  In the article below published by Mobile Commerce Daily its clear that Papa John's Pizza is staying ahead of the curve in its Mobile Marketing efforts. Pizza chain Papa John’s is continuing its mobile ordering push with an ad campaign that … [Read more...]

Mobile Shopping the Siri Way

Axiom Mobile Tech - Siri and Google Influence Retail shopping

Apple's Siri to influence shopping   If you don't think that Siri is going to affect the way consumers are shopping - think again everyone. If you think that Android is going to sit back and not roll out an improved and more robust version of Siri - Think again - the gauntlet has been thrown down and the battle yet to begin. Some areas of expertise that may help Google compete is their access to the immediate data.  The Google assistant will be able to move and deliver … [Read more...]

Starbucks Mobile Wizard swooped up by Best Buy!

Axiom Mobile Retail Apps | Appmatrix | Best Buy | Starbucks

Retailer to strengthen its mobile strategy Forward thinkers they are at Best Buy have decided not to go the way of so many of the super stores and suffer downsizing or alienation.  Understanding that consumers buying habits are going to be at the highest transition over the next five years before level growth it has decided to up the ante and head down the prudent path of devoting extensive resources to their mobile marketing strategy.  Hiring Starbucks Mobile Guru Stephen Gillett is an … [Read more...]

AppMatrix™ Hack a Thon – Axiom’s Development Team!

AppMatrix_- Hack-a-thon _Axiom Mobile Apps

AppMatrix™ appeared on CBS Sacramento's Good Day. This past Saturday Axiom's development partner AppMatrix held its first Hack-a-Thon.  This contest was created to bring in some additional designers to our hot app development team that are building some of the coolest apps in the world.  We are proud to have them as our developers. Who knows Axiom may hold its own hack-a-thon in the weeks ahead - to do an east vs west battle!. Congratulations to Phil Wong, Derrick Hampton, Viktor … [Read more...]

Mobile: Bringing on a Behavioral Shift in Shopping…

Mobile Marketing Commerce and Shopping

Mobile Marketing Strategy: PLAN PLAN PLAN! It's already here do NOT be left behind.  Do the shift in budgets to ensure you are appropriating sufficient funds to your mobile efforts.  START TODAY! Coined by some as Consumer 2.0 there is more than enough cause for brands and retailers to anticipate the shopping behavioral shift and the need for a solid five year plan to accommodate the consumers. 60% of smartphone-carrying shoppers would use their device to pay during an … [Read more...]

Shoppable Mobile Ads – Victoria’s Secret Mcommerce Strategy

Victorias Secret Mobile Commerce App

Axiom Mobile Mcommerce Strategy! Victoria's Secret is showing some muscle in its latest mobile marketing push via is shoppable Mobile Ads. Take a look at this article originally posted here on Mobile Commerce Daily. Victoria’s Secret is running mobile commerce-enabled ads that let consumers shop directly from their handsets no matter where they are. The company is promoting its line of Pink panties with a promotion that entices users to tap on the ad. The ads are running within Us … [Read more...]